Investment fraud via – investors fear for their money

In times of low interest rates, it is important to invest your money wisely, otherwise there will be a continuous devaluation of assets through inflation. At the same time sound from the stock exchange and from the crypto market always new successes, highs and success stories. It is understandable that investors want to share in this success, however, scammers also take advantage of this – by Valentin Schulte Volkswirt & stud. iur at the law firm Dr. Thomas Schulte, Berlin.

Finanz EXP

The company Finanz EXP with alleged seat at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz 10 collected many funds from interested investors. For this purpose, an Internet site was operated under the domain The website has now been offline for some time and it is becoming clear that investors can only get back at least part of the money they invested by taking legal action.

The trick

Valentin Markus Schulte / Law firm Dr. Thomas SchulteBy advertisement in the Internet or the recommendation of other investors potential investors become attentive on the company finance EXP and could on the respectable seeming Internet side more near inform. Promises included interest rates of up to 75%, a 100% deposit guarantee and additional expensive gifts. If the potential investor signaled interest and left his contact data, the fraud machine really started up. By telephone, people with names like Dana Hoffmann or Rudolph Riemann came forward to clear doubts and cultivate the deal. Skilled fraudsters are able to convince the investors skillfully. Contracts, brochures and further documents follow, which strengthened the confidence of the investors. Sometime the investors of the presumed fraudsters are soft-boiled would like to invest. Perhaps doubts arise again, if around transfer to a foreign account are to transfer, but also these doubts can be dispelled by the involved ones fast again. Then the transfers follow. Investors transferred thousands of Euros to Lithuanian accounts of the Estonian company CRYPTO HOUSE OÜ (registered address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Väike-Paala tn 2, 11415) which, among other things, operates the website Confirmations were then also sent by Coinipop, which are supposed to prove the purchase of bitcoin on behalf of the investors. Once this payment has been made, contact breaks off and investors begin to realize that a scam may have been perpetrated. Other investors quickly smell a scam and demand the return of the invested capital – stalling tactics are the consequences. Statements like: „The money is ready, even an immense profit has already been made. However, a one-time tax payment of €5,500 is still due for the payout“ are not uncommon. It becomes clear that such further payments should definitely be refrained from.

What happens next?

Initial investigations reveal that false identities were used or even identities of uninvolved persons were stolen. The transfers abroad pose obstacles for the law enforcement authorities. Also, the given commercial register number leads to another company, which apparently has nothing to do with Finanz EXP, but was the victim of identity theft. However, it should also be noted that cooperation in the European Union can be slow under certain circumstances, but it also provides useful results. Suspected fraudsters could thus be identified and convicted sooner or later. If the names are known, aggrieved investors naturally also have recourse to the civil courts to assert claims for repayment of the money and, if necessary, for damages. Affected investors should contact a lawyer in order to limit the damage after all.

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